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Hot of the Press – Fishing News for 2007

March 2007

Barkley Sound MapThe 2007 fishing season is here. Weather conditions in Barclay Sound have been exceptionally good and many boats are on the water and the gear is down. Good weather on the West Coast means cold and clear with calm sea conditions. So be prepared to bundle up with warm clothes.

Winter Springs have been caught in the Vernon Bay area and around Swale Rock. Fish up to 20 pounds have been reported. Reports suggest that coyote spoons and hoochies work and depths from 90 to 120 feet are good. In shallower water expect smaller Chinook and watch out for rocky bottom.

The Commercial Herring Season is underway and salmon fishing should pick up after the commercial boats have left. Halibut season is around the corner – usually starting in late March.

Destinations out of Port Alberni or Bamfield are common. Port Alberni is reached by a good road (Highway 4) from Parksville or Highway 19 to Highway 4 from Nanaimo.

Travel to Bamfield is by boat along the Alberni Inlet or logging road from Port Alberni (the road is rough). It’s about 30 miles by boat from Port Alberni to Bamfield.

Bamfield is a small town with limited facilities. It is best to bring what you need with you from Port Alberni.

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John Barnum

Overtime Fishing Charter, Vancouver Island, BC

John is a retired commercial fisherman from the West Coast of British Columbia. He has over 30 years of coastal fishing experience on the West Coast of Vancouver Island, Queen Charlotte Sound, Johnstone Straight and the Straight of Georgia on the East Coast of Vancouver Island.

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